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m_pi.AOOUSPMB.REGISTRO UFFICIALE.U.0009713.13-10-2020. The Autodromo (1922) and a golf course (1925) were built in the park. Monza is internationally known for the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza motor racing circuit, home to the Italian Grand Prix usually held in September, and previously to the Alfa Romeo team. Among the projects was the bifurcation of the River Lambro (the "Lambretto" branch) and the construction of a castle, the third in Monza. The choice of Monza was due not only to the beauty of the landscape, but also its strategic position and the fact of that it was connected to Vienna as well as for its proximity to Milan. Informazioni, notizie ed eventi sulla città e sui servizi. Comune di Monza - Piazza Trento e Trieste, 20900 Monza, Lombardia, Italy - Rated 3 based on 95 Reviews "Monza is a great city ! In the course of its history Monza withstood thirty-two sieges, but the Porta d'Agrate is all that remains of its original walls and fortifications. Il documento è firmato digitalmente ai sensi del c.d. Pagina ufficiale del Comune di Monza. The centre is off limits to cars and other motorised vehicles. The circuit's biggest event is the Italian Grand Prix.With the exception of the 1980 running, the race has been hosted there since 1949. A Gallo-Celtic tribe, perhaps the Insubres themselves, founded a village on the Lambro. Theodelinda, daughter of Garibald I of Bavaria and wife of the Lombard king Authari (and later of king Agilulf), chose Monza as her summer residence. Frederick I Barbarossa visited Monza twice (1158 and 1163). Two-thirds of the gold and silver treasures of the Monza Cathedral were delivered to the mint of Milan, which turned them into coins used for military expenses. With the development of various activities occurring problems related to traffic and links to nearby towns, especially with Milan. Frederick declared that Monza was his property and also gave the Curraria (the right to levy customs on the streets), a right usually granted only to royal seats. It is the capital of the Province of Monza and Brianza. According to the legend, Theodelinda, asleep while her husband was hunting, saw a dove in a dream that told her: modo (Latin for "here") indicating that she should build the oraculum in that place, and the queen answered etiam, meaning "yes". The event has been marred by tragedy several times, involving driver fatalities such as Wolfgang von Trips, Jochen Rindt and Ronnie Peterson, but also a fatal accident involving a trackside marshal in 2000, and multiple spectators being killed in von Trips' fatal accident in 1961. Monza is a city and comune on the River Lambro, a tributary of the Po in the Lombardy region of Italy, about 15 kilometres (9 miles) north-northeast of Milan. The Glossary of Monza, one of the earliest examples of the evolution of Italian language, probably dates to the early 10th century. In 1325 Galeazzo I Visconti, who conquered the city after a long siege, began the construction of new defences. m_pi.AOOUSPMB.REGISTRO UFFICIALE.U.0009086.25-09-2020. administrative division of Lombardy, Italy, This article is about the city. Silvana Ed., 1999. Monza can be reached through the following motorways: A4-E64 (Turin-Milan-Venice), A52 (North Ring of Milan), A51 (East Ring of Milan). At the conclusion of the Italian campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte (1796), the Duchy of Milan was acquired first by the French Republic and then entered the Cisalpine Republic (which, in 1802, became the Italian Republic). In 1354 Pope Innocent VI proclaimed the undisputed right to impose, in the Cathedral of Monza, the Crown of Italy, the Iron Crown. He was acclaimed Lord of Monza by the people in 1322. Monza railway station is located in Enrico Arosio Road. According to this legend, the medieval name of Monza, "Modoetia", is derived from these two words. Cinemas include the Sala San Carlo, the AreaOdeon, the Cinema Capitol, the Cinema Metropol and the Cinema Teodolinda. AA.VV. In the fall of the First Empire (1815), Austria annexed the Italian territories to the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, Monza being included in the province of Milan. Azzone Visconti allowed the reconstruction of the walls, beginning in 1333 and lasting until 1381. Tap left: Villa Reale Palace, Tap middle: Garden in Monza Park, Tap richt: Monza Cathedral, Centre: Aerial view o Autodromo Nazionale Monza Circuit, Bottom left: Villa Bossi Prata, Bottom richt: A … Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale e normativa connessa. A collage showing different features of the city of Monza. 24K likes. Pag. Berengar I of Italy (850–924) located his headquarters in Monza. The next emperor Ferdinand I of Austria had himself crowned King of Lombardy and Venetia in Milan with the Iron Crown (6 September 1838), with the opportunity to extend various benefits to the city. In 1407 Estorre Visconti was proclaimed Lord of Monza and began minting Monza's own coinage. In 1128 Conrad III of Hohenstaufen was crowned King of Italy in the Church of San Michele at Monza. In 1327 Galeazzo himself was imprisoned in the Forni, by order of emperor Louis IV. 56–57 (Aliprandi Martino). 23K likes. The Serie A1 volleyball club Vero Volley Monza plays currently at the Candy Arena. In 1859, at the end of the Second Italian War of Independence, Lombardy became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Theatre in the city include the Teatro Manzoni, the Teatro Villoresi, the Teatro Binario 7. On 26 May 1805, the Iron Crown was in Milan for the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, who put it on his head, uttering the famous phrase "God gave it to me, woe to anyone who touches it." The Second World War, between 1940 and 1945, caused several bombings of Monza, with civilian casualties; after the September 1943 Italian Armistice, the area was occupied by the Germans. In 980 Monza hosted Emperor Otto II inside the walled city. This is an artificial fork of the river, created for defensive purposes in the early decades of the 14th century. Itinerari guidati su percorsi inattesi - visite in modalità online. L’originale è conservato nel protocollo informatico dell’Ufficio XI di Monza al nr. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. It is linked to culinary traditions and the bond with the nearby areas, especially with the Milanese cuisine. Under Berengar's reign, Monza enjoyed a certain degree of independence: it had its own system of weights and measures, and could also seize property and mark the deeds with their signatures. But the treasure and the Iron Crown had been transferred to Vienna by the Austrians, and was returned to Monza only after the conclusion of the Third War of Italian Independence (December 1866). Monza is best known for its Grand Prix motor racing circuit, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, which hosts the Formula One Italian Grand Prix with a massive Italian support tifosi for the Ferrari team. Monza Park is also known for the Royal Villa of Monza, a Habsburg family residence built in 1777, while the professional football club A.C. Monza play at the Stadio Brianteo, as of 2020[update] in [[Serie B], and has also a 'Primavera B' team. Monzan independence lasted until 1185 when Barbarossa ended the conflict with the Lombard League with the peace of Constance. Agriculture was the main occupation, although crafts had begun to grow in importance. New roads are opened, including the King Ferdinand road (now Via Vittorio Emanuele), while in 1842 the Bridge of Lions was erected near the old Roman bridge. In this period the city again regained its independence from Milan, a city hostile to the emperor. Consulta il sito dedicato al Risparmio e all'Efficienza Energetica per aiutarti a ridurre i consumi di energia e a migliorare l'efficienza nella tua casa Musei civici di Monza Oltre 140 opere di arte e di storia cittadina. Monza railway station is the most important railway junction in the Brianza area. Also some EuroCity trains stop in Monza. In 1805, the Italian Republic became the Kingdom of Italy with its capital in Milan. Napoleon also established the Order of the Iron Crown. Informazioni, notizie ed eventi sulla città e sui servizi. Trains travel between Monza and Milan via the Suburban Railway (Line S9) and via local trains that connect Monza to Lecco, Como/Chiasso (CH) and Bergamo/Brescia. In 2009-2013 a tunnel was built to supplement the Viale Lombardia (SS36 national road), one of the busiest streets in Europe. Monza is the third-largest city of Lombardy and is the most important economic, industrial and administrative centre of the Brianza area, supporting a textile industry and a publishing trade. He allowed the city of Milan to self-rule its subjects again, while taking possession of the treasury of the cathedral. Comune di Monza, Monza. Enrico Aliprandi, a member of a family of Monza, joined the Torriani faction, with many enlisted soldiers under his command. Church of St. Mark in Milan. The historical centre also include the following buildings: Other villas includes the Mirabello, Mirabellino, Durini, Crivelli Mesmer, Prata, Villa Archinto Pennati, Calloni and Villa Carminati-Ferrario. [9][10] Monza is an extremely fast circuit that has been modified with three chicanes to curb speeds, but is still the fastest circuit on the Formula One calendar and is considered too fast to be considered to host MotoGP and no longer holds Superbike World Championship events either. The Duomo's (Cathedral) Museum collection is home to early medieval treasures from the time of Queen Theodelinda, including the gilt silver "Hen with Chicks", the Cross of Agilulf, and the Iron Crown; there are also pieces from the late medieval, modern and contemporary ages. State road (SS36 – Nuova Valassina) connects the city to Lecco and Sondrio. In 1900 Monza was the scene of the assassination of King Umberto I by anarchist Gaetano Bresci. During the Roman Empire, Monza was known as Modicia. The event also saw Jody Scheckter secure the 1979 title in that event among other historical wins such as the Ferrari 1-2 finish against the odds in 1988. Il documento è firmato digitalmente ai sensi del c.d. Monza (US: /ˈmɒnzə, ˈmoʊnzə, ˈmoʊntsɑː/,[4][5] Italian: [ˈmontsa] (listen); Monzese: Monscia [ˈmũːʃa]; Latin: Modoetia) is a city and comune on the River Lambro, a tributary of the Po in the Lombardy region of Italy, about 15 kilometres (9 miles) north-northeast of Milan. The frescoed chapel houses the Iron Crown of Lombardy, said to include one of the nails used at the Crucifixion of Jesus. In April 1329, the condottiero Pinalla Aliprandi regained Monza from the imperial troops. Bonaparte also took possession of the treasures of the Basilica and the Chapter Library books, transferred to the National Library in Paris.

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